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Features of Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Advantages


A mutual fund liquidity ratio is a ratio that compares the amount of cash in a fund relative to its total assets.


Investments aren't immune to market risk. A dip in the value can be seen in every market cycle.

Expert Management

A fund distributor is an investment expert responsible for managing the schemes investing strategy.

Cost Efficiency

Efficiency means that fund services to investors would cover their costs, and thus net performance should be similar between funds after expenses.

Tax Efficiency

A tax-efficient fund is a mutual fund structured to reduce tax liability. Tax-efficient funds have a low tax liability for saving your money.

Quick & Painless Process

We are brings to you a detailed guide on what is mutual fund investment for beginners and how to do the right way of investment.

What We Do? What is our process?

B. Sri Saileshwer Gokhale is a one stop single window solution for all financial advisory investments.

24/7 Support

I typically interact with all of my customers that involve defining and analysis of their goals to determine the financial requirements.

Investment Formalities

Once the customer decides on their investment portfolio, we take care of all formalities and assist them in making them investments.

Market Updates

Keeping track of the same and providing regular feedback on the performance of our client portfolios. If necessary, open suggestion are given for their changes.

Market Research

Regular newsletters and articles keep our customers abreast of new happenings in the financial investment scenario, new products are analysis and research for our customers strong portfolios.


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